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“3 Tips for Crafting That
Perfect Book Title”

Have a book in your head, but no title?

Choosing the right title for your book
is clearly a very important step
in getting the book written,
but where do you start?

My FREE handout helps you craft the title that is just perfect for your book. You’ll learn:

  • How good must your title be? You might be surprised at the answer.
  • How much should the title reveal? Well, are you writing Fiction or Non-Fiction?
  • How will you find the right words to use? I’ll show you the technique I used when crafting the title to my # 1 Best Selling and #1 Top Rated Amazon book.

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What a Place to Write, yes?

Isn’t this what we dream about? Writing wherever we want while wearing shorts and sitting under a palm tree?

That’s exactly what I am doing here in San José del Cabo, 18 miles up the inland coast from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This was just one of my four-week jaunts to this paradise to do some writing.

And if you think the cord from my laptop is just a prop; it isn’t. There’s a plug at the base of that palm tree that provided the PC its power.

I don’t always work on one of my books while I’m in Mexico, but I usually do some writing. It might be a blog post, an article for a magazine, or just jotting down ideas for a future book.

But writing SOMETHING everyday helps to keep the brain in “writing mode,” and that is a good thing!

Stuart Gustafson is an author of 15 published books, including both fiction and non-fiction. Missing in MEXICO, his first fiction novel, set in one of his favorite vacation spots of Los Cabos, Mexico, was twice the #1 Best Selling and #1 Top Rated book in its category on Amazon at the same time!
He was struggling to come up with the perfect title for this novel when he came up with the system that he reveals in this free handout (it’s really a workbook because there are places where you can write some things on your way to a perfect book title).

Once you use Stuart’s 3 tips a couple times, they will seem natural and automatic to you each time you work on a book. The handout is free, and it is easy for you to print it and take with you anywhere!