Coaching You to Writing Success & Enjoyment

Revealing and Enhancing Your Strengths as a Writer

None of us are born to be natural writers. Just like singing, walking, riding a bicycle, making a gourmet meal, writing computer code, dissecting a laboratory animal — writing is also a skill that must be learned. And even once learned, the skill must be nourished so that it grows and stays honed.

Just like you, Stuart Gustafson was not a natural writer. Sure, he took Creative Writing for one semester in high school, but his college major was Mathematics with a minor in Engineering. He went on to write computer code for graphics devices. He was writing, but it wasn’t literature, it was formulaic code. He then went back to school to earn his MBA with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing. The grad school projects involved writing, but it was nothing like writing an 80,000 word novel or a series of relationship books.

So, how did he become a writer, a Best Selling author who has published 15 books? He practiced; he read books on the subject; he took courses; he listened to coaches and other experts. It wasn’t natural for him, and it took time. Although he is pretty good at writing now, he still practices; he strives to write 500 – 1,000 words a day. The subject isn’t as important as the process of writing.

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Coaching you to writing success and enjoyment is Stuart’s goal as he coaches you in your Fiction and/or in your Non-Fiction writing. He currently offers the following coaching programs:

  • A six-week Fiction Master Class —  “From Blank Page to Novel in Progress”
  • A six-month Fiction Master Mind — “Making That Novel a Masterpiece!”
  • A five-week Non-Fiction Master Class —  “From a ‘Great Idea’ to Starting That Great Non-Fiction Book”
  • A six-month Non-Fiction Master Mind — “Transforming Your Great Story into a Compelling Must-Read!”

From Blank Page to Novel in Progress

This six-week group Master Class is like a college-level “Writing a Novel 101” class. And there will be plenty of “homework” each week so that you do have a novel in progress at the end of the class. Then it is just a matter of repeating what you’ve learned to finish the novel.

> Week 1: Plot Concept

> Week 2: Story Line Development

> Week 3: Character Development

> Week 4: Outline Creation

> Week 5: Begin the Writing

> Week 6: Wrap Up & Evaluation


Next Master Class Begins: November 9, 2021

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Making That Novel a Masterpiece!

You’ve completed your novel and CONGRATULATIONS are in order. Well done!
As you will quickly learn, writing your novel is only the first step in the process to put it out there in front of the buying public.

Yeah, no one told you that harsh reality, did they?
Well, then. When should you start on the marketing process?
Oh, that should have begun six to twelve months ago!
In this group Master Mind, we work on the pieces of the publishing puzzle that get your book out and into the arms of booksellers, book buyers, and the public.


Next Master Mind Begins: TBD

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From a ‘Great Idea’ to Starting That Great Non-Fiction Book

This five-week group Master Class gives you the tools you can use for all your non-fiction books. One advantage that writing a non-fiction book has is that once you have the outline, you can write the chapter content in any order that you want because it isn’t necessarily sequential like a novel

> Week 1: What’s Your ‘Great Idea’?

> Week 2: Story Line Development

> Week 3: Outline Creation

> Week 4: Begin the Writing

> Week 5: Wrap Up & Evaluation


Next Master Class Begins: TBD

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Transforming Your Great Story into a Compelling Must-Read!

All non-fiction books tell a story; that’s the nature of them. And your story is a good one; that’s the good news. The bad news is that there are hundreds of thousands of other good stories out there vying for attention. But more good news is that there is always demand for a compelling story!

The question becomes, “How do you make yours stand out from the rest?”

That is what this Non-Fiction Master Mind is all about — making sure that your story stands out in the crowded space.


Next Master Mind Begins: TBD

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